greens & honey

by dress rehearsal

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recorded at the pawnshop (toronto, on) march-may 2009.


released July 17, 2009

copyright 2009
kevin graham: vocals/guitars
sean graham: drums
tiffany blom: vocals/piano
mike langford: bass/additional instrumentation
produced by mike langford
mastered by peter letros
cover art: mark graham



all rights reserved


dress rehearsal Toronto, Ontario

dress rehearsal plays an eclectic mix of indie alterative rock and neo-folk. the quartet from st. marys, ontario, paints a versatile musical landscape that covers the emotional spectrum between happy and sad, calm and boisterous, dark and light. their songs are soaked in genuine cathartic moments, walls of guitars, layered vocals, and a refreshing dose of honesty and charm. ... more

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Track Name: still life
between the coldness of the streets
and the sunshine i just knew
the open days can scare away
the need to sit at home and laze
a cursing wind won't stop, stronger as we drop
and a drop of wine is all that's left
in the last glass on this desk
and i won't, no i won't drink it down
just to make sure something is left in my still life
the dated yellow carpet meets
where the weathered floorboards creak
you'd never make it up the stairs
sneaking home with the lightest feet
still and dry, another round
walking back streets in this town
all these shops struggle to survive
another week, another stitch
slow in telling which is which
the stillest life, it is in the my sights
and every day until we change
Track Name: molly flower
in this room, i'm alone
it's easy to feel that way
and when this bed of mine slopes below
good sleeps and rested bones, alone
in this room, sunshine
i see the car wash
those pictures hanging from ropes that glow
chime when the warm wind blows, alone
just living, just living
acoustics line the lively walls
magic will make them dance
about the wonders of hope
about the beautiful tones of just living
Track Name: how on earth?
crestfallen, another situation
a love life stagnation
it's all been told
lamenting, broken heart nation
an inking cancellation to a legacy
and i'll bleed for a moment just like you
and i'll feel the torment
and it stings like a hornet passing through
your skin in the morning, waking you
disconnect afternoon stations
replace with frustration and wonderment
and to understand that someone's confusion
is more or less useless without their mind
and i'll bleed for a moment just like you
and i'll feel the torment
and it stings like a hornet passing through
and i'll feel regret just like you
Track Name: platypus
fighting fire with fire
among the towering pines and blue waterways
the only escapades i've ever known
in the darker reaches...
help is on the way
from a book i read today in streams of beaming lights
the martians in the sky with their beady eyes
have claimed that it's my time
shuddering sundays
i've come so far to lose my way
and i'm lost...
the demons won't leave you alone to sleep
it's nice to hide in this wooden home
serenity in place
serenity in place so daydreams won't get caught
in the flames and the spells that beat me
i hate getting caught in the reins
of the stranger parts of me
Track Name: as we wind
we're always changing
and we don't have a clue
if the road we are taking will scare or amuse
as we wind down these numbered days
we'll start the real world
so they say
cutting every weed that kept us grounded
vanish like the trees chased by houses and new streets
just like us
you'll double take and pinch yourself
if spots you remembered crippled and fell
as we wind down these numbered days
we'll start the real world
so they say
Track Name: gumdrop hills
there is a home in the gumdrop hills
willow trees in bloom
little ponds stay still
and isn't it great and warm and free
napping in the trees
defining ease is pretty, isn't it
isn't it
lemons and limes
if they're here they must be mine
it's nice on cloud nine, isn't it
and isn't it great to feel alive when you almost died
isn't it adverse normal life, isn't it
and isn't it more than sunshine light
roaming the hills on sticks and stones
and violins
Track Name: featherbrain
ill-postured, sickly
featherbrain and stick-ly
black-eyed dead stars
tight-lipped false starts
in a cold room
in a haunted house
there's a feeling here and it all spills out
in a muddled state, like every day
a somber strike
a frozen lake
and this is so much more than fiction
and all that's broken needs fixin'
light rain, inane
bewildered and small-framed
punchdrunk, high-strung
blinding little rising sun
on a big road, with an old song
a breath of life, then it's gone
a pale face waiting in the weeds
blue eyes that dream of yellow leaves
just yarn and glue, a clothesline
tall stories and narrow minds
a witch's web, an endless trance
of master plans and cages
in a dim-lit hallway in april
this is so much more than fable
Track Name: killing spiders
it's a sunny sunny day
but the clouds are moving my way
throw the wood down on the fire
and we'll dance around the flames
in the moonlight by the lake
killing spiders so it rains
celebrate these ones, we're set free
strewn about like ashes over the deep blue sea
so we'll clutch the sandy plains
and we'll fly like every grain
it's a clever way to think
and it's got me tickled pink
celebrate this warmth, and get free
strewn about like ashes over the deepest blue sea
settle down, relax and revive
are you chasing charms that won't bring
the smaller hints that songbirds sing?
when you wake up from slumbering
and you put on your wedding ring...
Track Name: brave new world
hey, i'm not ready
slow and steady
life is passing
traffic has been suffocating, and now it's raining
dreams are laughing
all these things on the way
seasons change and die
there'll be time, words can't find their home now
but they're mine
snow on the street, get some coffee
jitterbug, crawl inside me
away with caffeine
greens and honey, cleanse this body
working class heroes mass
in those rooms with me
rule the day
living for a stock price raise
Track Name: thomas
can't bear to see your face
thinning like the days in cold november
there are no complaints
just courage and strength
that's my fallen brother
the sky is falling down
it'll gently pick you up so you can see your mother
and standing by her side with proudest eyes
is your loving father
and you'll all look down and you'll keep your sister safe
there's no chance that i'll let you fade away
all of us will all remember
all of us will all remember you
on the hill with vibrant colour
at the table eating dinner
at the pines on the water
every time that i look skyward
Track Name: stream of consciousness
my thoughts of you are forever never-ending
but someday you'll get the things i'm explaining
maybe all the noise around us
will finally cut out when we part
i don't feel the sensations that i felt in waves at the start
to give in is to pretend and entice sighing
there are better sides of you that are hiding
looking down the road
it was so blinding that i couldn't even stare
it was the sun of a new life
saying only enter if you dare
so i did
and i'll live like i once did