somewhere under the weather

by dress rehearsal

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recorded in simon's basement, march-november 2012.
copyright 2013. socan. all rights reserved.

kevin graham: vocals/guitars
sean graham: drums
ryan james watson: lead guitars, banjo
josh doherty: bass, harmonica

all songs produced by simon vanderzand except "river blue" and morning grey" produced by mike keire
mastered by peter letros
cover art: "blue village" by gerard mursic


released January 15, 2013



all rights reserved


dress rehearsal Toronto, Ontario

dress rehearsal plays an eclectic mix of indie alterative rock and neo-folk. the quartet from st. marys, ontario, paints a versatile musical landscape that covers the emotional spectrum between happy and sad, calm and boisterous, dark and light. their songs are soaked in genuine cathartic moments, walls of guitars, layered vocals, and a refreshing dose of honesty and charm. ... more

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Track Name: the love i need
roll it back again
there's some things i missed around the bend
see i'm trying to help myself
but there's some things that i can't do without

words to ease a worry, acts to kill each fury
and an afterglow that helps me hear songs of time and space and a place so i can see details of a face that might display the love i need

tossing with each turn
that's alright, that's the way i learn
if there's someone to ignore
there's gotta be someone to adore

words to soothe a swoon, coming home soon, pictures of growing up words to ease a worry, acts to kill each fury
and an afterglow that helps me hear songs of time and space and a place so I can see details of a face that might display the love I need

details of a face way out east with dancing leaves
details of a grace that might just be everything I need
Track Name: nourish me
our best writing comes when we're away
her best painting, no one's ever seen
so don't nourish me 'cause i don't wanna be fed
no death in airplanes anymore, don't fall out of the wagon
keep your lorry on the road, you might hit a stander-by
poverty has art and riches burn success
you wonder why i'm like this, it's 'cause i'm from the west
so don't nourish me 'cause i don't wanna be fed
no death in airplanes anymore, don't fall out of the wagon
keep your lorry on the road, you might hit a stander-by
Track Name: river blue
wanna float on down, give it away
let the oars dip back and forth
and if i go too far, i'll find a place
far from the girl that just scratched at my world
and maybe i'll sleep where the grasses twirl
a little lull, going slow; faces of the letting go
i'm almost there and i hear voices as i'm drawing near

the river blue
you're everything i've dreamt of
your pace is bold
you are the story that heals a soul
a slithering old slipstream, behold the river blue
the colours run in through the leaves like heaven
the many moons, the clouds that pass like afternoons
and the stones and weeds beneath my feet will hold this river true
blue river blue.
Track Name: morning grey
lying awake, dressed in morning grey
and already worn out from the coming day
drive on down the road, coffee cup in tow
past a barn of fading paint and fields of falling snow

tossed aside, cursed to a caving mine
only keeping warm by fires of remember the time
one night to drift away to a familiar place
but when i woke up in her arms i felt too sad to stay

i guess i don't belong
the nights are dull and so long
there's so much here to lend and to mend
until then, I'll just drag my broken, tattered, lonely heart to the bedside of a girl who'll try to carve out her name in a pumping vein that hasn't died
Track Name: cloudfully
one day in a backyard, i'll come home to you
we'll drink in shade and smile as the hyacinths bloom
and we're feeling fine in our lives
rosy and satisfied
and every time i look up at the sky there's style
the baby blue, the summer birds flying wild
and if we spend some time at sea, we'll marvel in the ocean deep
hat do you think about it?
what am i gonna do? w
what would you think about this if this was all for you?

in midnight light at circus heights, you're shimmering
and all our cares, they'll fly like kites and tumbleweed
warm visions of a perfect sight before we sleep
a wonderer who likes to write of these dreams, that's me
Track Name: somewhere under the weather
seedy eyes, somewhere under the weather
bleeding hides somewhere under long fur
it takes hold and it's wrong and wrong and wrong
it's strong when it stares all day long
cries that burn themes of now and never
the written lines on my face forever
they're long but i try and try and try
memory resides in the archives of this wicked mind
as low as we are
as low as we are.
Track Name: swan song
there is a shipwreck in the ocean where you knew me
and though it's lonely now, it is strong
well the weather vanes are symbols of our changing
and i will follow the direction of the wind.
if there's a lonesome tear running down my face
i there's a sadness that joins the thinning days
it's just the first day of fall, and I've embraced
but there's a past I can't escape

the beginning of the season spells your swan song
you are a fallen tree in the field where we would play
i returned from that voyage where i'd right wrongs
It took some time to clear the cobwebs in my way
if I shiver like a fire by the old brook
If I sing with the choir about my outlook
it's just the first day of fall and I'll give my all
to ensure my own happiness won't fall
Track Name: purple evening
there is no news when i open my door
let the cool air through and stay inside
it looks like a purple evening
the sky arrives when i drag my lazy limbs to start
through the towns i've known but left behind
and they're always there to greet me
and these things i write will help me through each drive at sunrise

the light burns when i ride these no-memory trails.
i'll risk getting lost amongst the rails
all this solitude, all these horse-drawn wayd
going backwards a hundred years in may
until all the hay fields dry up or turn to clay
know that i'm right here, hoping I see you one day at sunrise.

gold shaded a.m.
clouds have gladly opened
rolling past the fading small town signs
clouring the dawn that looks like it's been drawn
just above the straight concession lines
waiting for a presence to fall from the heavens
so when i'm through i won't be all alone and on my own
on my own
on my own
Track Name: roxton
i should be well on my way
it's just that the sundown comes later these days
nothing stays good forever and i've got proof
when i get my feet under me, the ground moves
and I'm not a soldier
back to the candles at night
like pastels of orange and blue and firelight
but don't let 'em smother you and turn back
all the clocks from the wintertime, you'll always lose
and I'm getting older. I'm getting older here.
bound by those arms again
in the bellwoods wide open space
when what you've imagined appears to sing
all your fears of tomorrow storm in
and your body breaks
Track Name: soup of the day
it was out of reach
in shadows
'til a foreign spoon stirred up a bowl of doom
how quick it came on a plane
how it sloped behind and stopped me on a dime
burden, burden of my mind
it was out of touch
in locked rooms
but the worst of you can catch you like a flu
if i'm sane, i'd contain
and nothing would become of this parade
yeah, nothing would become of this malaise today
Track Name: light bright
pulling from the road into a deep sleep
almost reborn like a baby
and i awoke in the cold wondering why
and everything rose above the white blankets of fresh fallen snow
it was all so bright, festive lights we used to know
with her heart in my hands, on and on they'll glow
it was all so bright, shining like we used to know
with my heart in her hands, on and on they'll glow
Track Name: these days are long
they say that out of the deep depths of misfortune comes bliss
and after sourness comes sweet
and light shines after darkness
he said that hope is nothing but paint on the face of existence
and they say that fire refines gold, so suffering refines virtue
yeah they do, with faith
so i'm just holding on
knowing that i'm not as strong as i was when i was young
these days are long
he said that though your garden's grey
all your graces will someday flower
and after your darkest hour
you'll be better, you'll be great
you'll be great in every way
so i'm just holding on
knowing that i'm not as strong as i was when i was young
these days are long
these days are long
Track Name: rattle & sway
nightfall, bless these streets
let the stray dogs sleep
cobblestone just helps the racket
pens shake as ink seeps
rattle and sway
rattle and sway the night away
can this shake a fear?
these aching bones floating by so magically
merrily, merrily, merrily